Warby Parker; at home try-on program

Growing up I had to get glasses when I was in 9th grade. When you're a freshman in high school, that's the last thing you want, to be "different". My dad wouldn't let me get contacts, so I was stuck with these hideous glasses (think old lady, purple, rimless glasses).

A year later we got a puppy named Hank (boy, was he trouble) and in the middle of the night he snuck in my room and decided my glasses would make a good chew toy (told you he was trouble). I was able to get a new pair of glasses that lasted me 4 years-- until I was a freshman in college, when I decided it was finally time to get contacts.

You might be wondering why I'm rambling, I have a point, I promise! Two years ago I decided it's time to upgrade my frames and got these cute, hipster frames, loved them! I don't know why I waited so long. My first "real" job out of college was working in marketing at a eye doctor's office and I fell in love with new glasses every day. However, one brand kept sticking out in my mind and it was Warby Parker.

*photo via Warby Parker
I love, love, love, Warby Parker. I love their colors, styles, and the prices. But I really love that you can order their at Home Try-On Program. I mean, I just don't have time to drive the three hours to the closest brick and mortar. However, I do have time to browse online and do some online shopping.

It's absolutely FREE to order your Try-On Program. (They charge one dollar to make sure your card is valid, in case, well you don't send them back. But rest assured, the charge disappears once your credit card has been verified.)

You're able to select 5 different frames (and sunnies), in all different colors/shades, and add to your online cart. Bingo, we're in business. Even better? For every pair of glasses, they donate a pair.  Find out more here.

Your Try-On Program arrives a few days later in your mail box. They literally ship you their glasses to try on. It was the best package I've gotten all year and also a great way for everyone to try on their glasses if they don't have a brick and mortar shop close enough (and a good marketing strategy!)

Which ones did I order for my Try-On Program? Well, I'll be happy to show you!

Durand in Woodland Tortoise 
Ainsworth in Walnut Tortoise 
Lyle in Hanalei Tortoise 
Crane Ti in Newsprint Grey 
Dale in Striped Olive

Which ones do you think I should order? I'm stuck between two! The Lyle and the Ainsworth. Which ones do you like? Have you used Warby Parker? 


  1. Compared with Warbyparker, i prefer GlassesShop.com. Cause GlassesShop come in different shapes, sizes, glasses and colors to match each and every individual's taste and style.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I will have to check that out!