Week{end} Recap

My very favorite part of living in Southwest Florida (besides the weather, hello high 80's) is the availability of fresh fruit and vegetables, year round. Although a lot of farmer's markets take place during the week when I'm working, there's one in Cape Coral on Saturday mornings, you can't miss.

Tip // Make sure to get there early before all the best produce has been snatched up!

Although I'm some-what of a morning person, I would rather sleep in on Saturday than be at the farmer's market but it's so worth it. Grab a cup of coffee from the Bagel Factory's tent (great coffee and bagels) and get to shopping! Bring a friend, your furry family member or go solo, it's a great time (and a great bargain).

Onto the Week{end} recap:

Here are some things that made me laugh, cry and have all sorts of feels this past week. Make sure to take a minute and watch them and let me know what I might have missed.

Golden loves Guitar // I don't know where I've been living (maybe under a rock) but this is one of the CUTEST videos I've seen in a long time. I love goldens, guitars and the happy feeling this video gives me.

Christina Aguilera impersonates B.Spears // Disclaimer: I love Jimmy Fallon. This video is on. point. Christina sounds exactly like Britney Spears.

19 Bars in America You Should Drink at Before You Die // While this might sound pretty gruesome...it's really flippin' awesome! I've bookmarked all of these and put them on my wanderlust list. I wish I knew about some of these bars before I went on some of my vacations, like the speak easy in NYC? Let me start looking up plane tickets, right now.

Hope you all have a wonderful week, lovelies!

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