21 Day Fix -- Week One

So my roommate and I bit the bullet and bought the 21 Day Fix from Autumn Calabrese. We have less than 180 days until my best friend's wedding and less than 115 days until her bachlorette party (eeeeek). It's time for us to get our rears in gear.

She got engaged a little over a month and a half ago and the Monday after her engagement we started hitting the gym three times a week and eating healthier BUT we weren't seeing the results we wanted.

I've seen all my friends posting on Facebook about "1 red, 1 green...blah, blah, blah" but I honestly kept scrolling and would ignore them. I didn't think little colored boxes would work. I guess all the pictures and statuses worked because I finally decided to look up the reviews. Let me tell you, I was skeptical but I wanted to try it for myself. Enter the 21 Day Fix. 

The package arrived in the mail and we were anxious to open the kit and get started. Word to the wise: make sure to read the instruction book...AKA your new best friend.

The program strongly suggests buying Shakeology as a meal supplement and my roommate and I did our research and decided against Shakeology. We went with an all-natural, organic vegan meal replacement called Garden of Life Raw Meal. It's not as tasty as Shakeology (and a little more grainy) but it's better for you and has less sugar. We typically replace our lunch with a shake and it makes meal prep a little easier. 

Week 1 Review: 

It honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The worst part about the whole plan is the meal planning/prepping. It is time consuming but I just keep thinking of the end goal -- being happy and healthy (and looking good in my bridesmaid dress). Like I said earlier, the Fix manual is my new BFF and I'm constantly looking up what food is what and how much I can eat of what.

I've really gotten into the swing of things. The workouts that you're supposed to do everyday are simple and easy (30 minutes) and I can honestly say that I get a better workout in that 30 minutes than when I was working out at the gym.

To make life easier I found color coded plastic bags at Target. I use these for meal-prep and for quick go-to snacks that I can bring to work or out and about (I've gotten to the point where I snack on carrots when running errands!)

What was my result after one week on the 21 Day Fix program?

Week 1 Result: Down 5 pounds!

I can't believe I lost 5 pounds in one week. Although it doesn't seem like a lot it feels like a step in the right direction. I can't wait to share Week 2 with you!

I'll be sure to include a recipe or two of my favorite meals that I've made on the "Fix".

Are you doing the 21 Day Fix? What do you think?

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