My New Year's Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions, we all love to hate them but honestly, I really wanted to make a New Year’s resolution I would actually stick with. You know what I thought I would be able to stick with? Waking up earlier.

A little background on me: I work a typical 8-5 job and I have my morning routine down to the minute. When I say minute, I mean, I know the window of time I must be out of my apartment and in my car to make it to work on time. You know what time I have to be out of my apartment and on the road? 7:31, if I’m on the road at 7:34 – I’ll be 5 minutes late. On the road at 7:31 – 5 minutes early.

I’m tired of constantly worrying about making sure I’m on time. I always wished I was one of those punctual Polly’s. You know the type. The person that is always on time, 7 minutes early, always making you feel late, even if you arrive right on time. Those people.

If my alarm (heaven forbid) doesn’t go off and I’m late, well, I’m late. I don’t have that cushion of time in the morning to make sure I’m on time. So, to fix the problem I’ve decided to make a New Year’s resolution. This pertains to all facets of life, not just work. I want to make sure I’m 5 minutes early—everywhere I go.

So three weeks into the New Year, how’s it going? I’ll be completely honest, terrible. It’s such a struggle. I know in the back of my mind if I wake up at 6:55, I can be up, dressed, make-up and hair done, dog walked and coffee and protein shake in my hand and out the door at 7:31.

So what have I done to start waking up earlier? Here’s the 3 tips I’ve started doing. I’ve actually started waking up earlier! Is it a dramatic difference? No. But two minutes have turned into 5 and 5 into 7—and I’ll take that as an accomplishment any day.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to gradually wake up earlier:

Set my alarm: Okay, you’re thinking, “Duh, Stephanie, set you set your alarm…good for you.” But I was always one of those people that would set an alarm for say, 5:45 AM and really wake up at 6:55….that is not the right way to do it. So, I’ve started setting my alarm for what time I need to be up vs. when I want to be up. My alarm is now set every day (that’s right, every day—more on that in the next tip) at 6:40 AM.

Wake up at a consistent time, every day: This one has been the hardest to break. I’ve started getting up at the same time, every day, regardless of the weekend or not. There’s nothing I want more than to just sleep in, but it actually throws off your internal clock. So, I am the one person in my house up at 6:40 on Saturday morning. (I’ve grown to actually love it…who am I?)

Lastly, go to bed earlier: Well this one seems like a no-brainer but honestly, I’ve started getting done as much as possible when I first get home from work – not wait until right before I go to bed. It’s seemed to help me get to bed on time, every night so far. I’ve been aiming for about 10:45 be in bed and 11:00 – lights out!

Have you been successful in your New Year’s resolutions?