My Daily Mantra

I was in a sorority when I was in undergrad. I never thought I would be one of those girls. You know the kind. The ones that were perfectly polished, perfectly dressed, perfectly applied, a stereotypical sorority girl. Well, I ended up rushing, getting in and it might possibly have been one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.
Our chartering and initiation, circa 2010

You know when you read something and it hits you in the feels? Well that’s what I felt like when I first read my sorority’s open motto. That’s when I knew, I wanted to be a part of something greater than myself, be a part of something that genuinely cares about the community and honestly wants to make a difference in the lives of others. Giving back to others and making a positive difference in your surrounding community is honorable. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with like-minded honorable people?

When I was in high school I read a book called, Pledged. What I read in this book was what I thought was the truth. While I know the book can depict what it might be at other schools, it was most definitely a misrepresentation of my chapter. I thought all sorority girls were these fake girls that all had a perfect life and a perfect wardrobe.

Senior girls, circa 2013
Until I was a part of them, I had no idea that it was actually like. These girls were just like you and me, with their acne, frizzy hair and borrowed clothes, just trying to make it through the next exam. It goes to show you that preconceived notions are just that, preconceived. Throughout my tenure in my sorority I was shown time and time again that everyone is truly beautiful in their own unique way.

Fast forward to three years in my sorority and going on three years post-grad (boy, time sure does fly). I really believe my sorority has shaped who I am today. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes, but I’m telling you the truth. Every single day I am reminded of my sorority in one way or another. From what clothes I decide to wear for work (is this considered Pin Attire?), to putting my best face forward and dressing to impress, I am humbled, thankful and honored that my letters are still a part of me. Not just on a t-shirt but ingrained into my values, my character, my morals and well…me.

When my elder sisters told me “it’s not four years but for life”, I’ll admit I rolled my eyes but it is the honest to goodness truth. Every day when I start getting ready in the morning, I remember back to my sorority’s open motto. It makes me ask myself, am I being the best version of myself possible? Am I being a contributing member of society? Most importantly, am I proud of myself and my actions?

My sorority’s open motto is not just something I memorized because I was told I had to but rather it was something I memorized by repeating it to myself every morning. I believe in every single word, every single meaning, and every single sister that is living our open motto, Every. Single. Day.  

What is this motto you ask? "Ta Kala Diokomen" in Latin, which translates to “Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest.” And that ladies and gentlemen, still hits me in the feels, every damn day.

My sorority has made me a better friend, sister, employee and overall human being. My daily mantra hasn’t changed for the last 6 years and I don’t see it changing for the next 60 years either. Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest – not only today but every day.

Not four years but for life, circa 2015
With love & AOT,


Nashville, Oh how I love you so

Last weekend I had the ability to go to Nashville for Valentine’s weekend to visit one of my closest friends Katrina.

Can I just say, oh how I love Nashville?

I think it might be, hands down one of my favorite cities. I love everything about Nashville, from the people to the food to the craft beer and I can’t forget about the architecture and the history.

I can’t wait to go back and visit…and never leave.

Take a peek at some of my photos from this weekend’s adventures!