#4 of 40: The First Affair

I am guilty of reading those cheesy, sometimes borderline, trashy romance novels and this one honestly, is no different.

I had no intention of ever reading or buying this book.  However, on a recent hunt for the popular games Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity, I found myself at Barnes and Noble. I was feeling defeated after not being able to find the games but stumbled upon The First Affair of a bargain price of $4.98. I couldn’t say no, especially with the cover art of a girl with red hair (new BFF’s).

I got home that night and started reading and couldn’t stop...a sure sign that this book wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be. Read on for my review.

The synopsis via the publisher (abridged version):
Jamie McAlister has resigned herself to the fact that in this job market, her painfully expensive degree might only get her a position at Starbucks, when she suddenly lands a prestigious internship at the White House. Although she doesn’t hit it off with the other interns, she is eager to work hard and make the best of the opportunity while it lasts.
An unexpected encounter late one evening with the charismatic President Gregory Rutland seems like just a fleeting flirtation, but when he orchestrates clandestine meetings and late-night phone calls, their relationship quickly escalates. Jamie knows what she is doing is wrong: he’s married, he has kids, he’s the President. 
With the conflicted desires of the most powerful man in the world driving her to her breaking point, Jamie can’t help but divulge intimate details to those closest to her. But she must have confided in the wrong person, because she soon finds herself, and everyone she cares about, facing calculated public destruction at the hands of Greg’s political enemies, and—perhaps no matter how much he cares about her—at the hands of Greg himself.

My thoughts:
This book held my attention the entire time and I honestly liked the plot line. If you like watching the hit TV show Scandal (which I love), I really believe you will like this book. I thought that the book was a pretty realistic view and thoughts of a young, impressionable 20-something. Not being too removed from college, I feel Jamie’s pain with finding a job post-grad and I can completely sympathize with her on the job front (not with the affair).

There’s just a couple of things that really bother me about this book. If you’re in fact having an affair with the leader of the free world, why on earth would you tell anyone? Jamie ends up telling a handful of people. While granted, she’s lonely all by herself in DC, I still don’t think you would/should tell anyone – keep that ish to yourself, Jamie! The other thing that bothered me is just the development of Jamie – she never really seems to stand up for herself throughout the book, which annoys me. If you have the balls to have an affair with the President, at least have a spine and stand up for yourself but that’s just my opinion.

My rating:
On a scale of 1 to 5 (one being the worst and 5 being the best), I would rate it a 3. I really enjoyed this book and it was a fairly entertaining and enjoyable book. You couldn’t completely guess the plot line and there was some unexpected surprises and twist and turns. It was an easy read, perfect for spring break and summer.

Have you read The First Affair? 


  1. my husband and i are obsessed with Scandal !!!

  2. Kali, you might enjoy the book! It was very Scandal-esque!