Growing up in New Jersey for the bulk of my childhood (I moved to Florida when I was about to be a sophomore in high school or about the ripe young age of 15), I never understood the strawberry obsession.

Let me tell you how wrong I was.

Right now, it’s peak strawberry season in Florida and I can’t get enough of fresh, delicious strawberries. Luckily I live in an area that we have a lot of local farmers with fresh crops of strawberries. I've been going every week for some fresh berries. I only live about two hours south of the Strawberry Festival. If you’re ever in the Plant City/surrounding area during the height of Strawberry season, you must go! It's a huge festival all about, you guessed it, strawberries! 

There’s nothing better than freshly picked strawberries. Actually, the majority of the strawberries that are picked right now, go to supermarkets across the country. Look for the stamp “picked in Plant City” and you know you have the best dang strawberries around.

Since I was not able to harvest my own strawberries (are they easy to maintain?) I am sharing some of my favorite ways to use these delicious berries!

Strawberry shortcake // I’m not a fan of the sickeningly sweet cake you purchase from the store. If you want a strawberry shortcake without making the biscuits yourself, head to your refrigerated section and grab a container of Pillsbury biscuits – you won’t regret it.

Strawberry Preserves // I haven’t quite mastered canning yet but making preserves is easy! Who doesn't love using their mason jars? Tip: Make sure you use canning jars vs. regular jars, they are different!

Strawberry Trifle // I’ve made this time and time again for parties, showers, BBQ’s, Easter – you name it, I bring it. It’s such an easy recipe, tastes heavenly and looks like it took hours to prep.  

Doesn't this make your mouth water?
Strawberry Parfait // I love bringing parfaits to work, it’s such an easy and delicious snack (or meal) to keep me on track for the day. I add some fresh cut strawberries and the granola of the week and wahlah!, a perfect snack.

Do you have a favorite way to eat strawberries? 

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